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Who knew spending time at the beach could be so stressful!

I like idea of the game, And the art style is adorable, i just wish there was a little bit more you could do to fight against the eternal onslaught of the ocean

no mac ??

This game really brought back some childhood memories to me, when I was at the beach with my parents and built some sand castles (and smashed them right afterwards, because they looked so crappy thanks to my non-existing art skills) - it's such a cute experience! And thanks to the countdown for each tide it was never boring as well, instead it added a little strategical touch to your wonderful Global Game Jam 2017 entry. <3 It was a pleasure for me to write a praising article about this wonderfully pixeled game and to upload a gameplay video about it. It was a blast, so thank you! Looking forward to future games of you all. <3

Best wishes,