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Don't Kill Humans! is a game made for Monster Mash 2014!
It's about not killing humans, but also making randomly generated baby monsters. Also saving the peace between Humankind and Monsters!

- Turn left and right with L/R click
- Hold mouse click to stop
- Find your lover, make randomly generated baby monsters

Additional credits:
Dawnbringer for the color palette
- Legulysse for the music
- 04 for the font

Regarding multiplier badges:
"From the Crypt": Some monsters are based on Cryptozoology, notably the Mongolian Death Worm (with a name like that...
"Deja Boo": The gameplay original idea is inspired from Pacman.
"Eros": The game is about finding your lover!
"Fairytale": I tried to give the game a little bit of fairytale setting via narration. Also get the "good" endind to... oh, well, you'll see.
"Hissssstory Shapes The World": All gameplay is a consequence of the fictionnal events told in the introduction.
"What a Hoof": The game can be played with 2 buttons! Hey, if you're crazy you can even play with just one...
"Misunderstood": Oh come on, they are adorable. And they don't even want to kill humans!
"Keeping It In The Phantom-ily": There are monsters from everywhere, from japanese yokais to mongolian death worms!
"Spare the Rod": If your randomly generated monster matches an existing one, he will get a special name and a description!

I'm not gonna pretend I deserve to get all badges, because some of them are really overlooked and the game barely even try.
But eh, I did my best to try and tackle them all!

Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tagsevil-lord, hero, mongolian-death-worm, Monsters