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I can only manage to get a 68%

bug: when running up to a stain, you can slide a bit then get stuck

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i cant get past 91% :(( theres always either a plate or a stain left and tissues

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I know that I am a bit late to the party, but..

i love this game! but i saw a yt video where there's a trash can in the hallway where you can throw out the extra garbage you still have but i cannot get into the hallway  :(

Have you tried... just walking out the front door? ;)

Great game, smelly underpants in the fridge lol


Manage to beat the game 100% after few tries. I guess they are right after all, as long as you dont give up, you too can reach 100%. AlsoRIPMyRightArm

Funny game with good concept ! Made it to 87% but was wondering where to place the remaining garbage, then I saw a comment about a hidden trashcan... I had try to go out of the room before but couldn't because I was going a bit too north to it é.è Did a 100% score after that !


lol wat am i doing

look at glozihori's comment


this is hard. but, its very cute!

Thanks! Glad you liked it~


I was going through the comments  and just realized you posted twice with a better score, a few months appart, and just wanted to say that it makes me happy to see you coming back to try and get better ahah
Good job :D

Yeah because in between those months im trying to get a new score from last time LOL

Im obsessed with this game O.O

Awesome game good job 


bro where is the rag

Just grab a sock, an old tshirt or some dirty clothes!


I bet he's using the rag as his underwear

i don't know if someone already said this (or i'm just unlucky), if you run fast to clean something and press to clean close to the end of it you will slide past it and you can't continue

Yeah, it's an old known bug;
I'm very sorry, this was made during a game jam and I don't really have the time nowadays to update the game. Hope you still had fun, and thank you for taking the time to report the issue!

ok, it just happened twice in the start so it wasn't that bad


i got 100% cant beat that ;)



Its so hard just to get to 50% ;-;

yea, i know right.

Can you make it so you can used WASD as well? I'm used to using WASD but i can only use S and D which is a shame...

How do you got  get rid of the music it's too noosy noisy.


yay i got a 91!

where do you put the slices of pizza?


Definitely in the fridge, why would you waste some good food 

In the thumbnail, it says you have 5mn but u actually have 3mn...

no it doesnt

That was a year ago, the developer probably changed it by now. Look at the time of the comment 😗

I have to say 82% is my best I've been playing way too long lol

exact same score

I can't figure out where the heck the Comtesse Cochonou goes! I tried the trash can, does't work. The fridge and oven doesn't work either. Does anyone know where it's supposed to go?

If I remember correctly, it goes under the bed or in the nightstand. It's a sexy magazine! ;)

this game is impossible

how do i beat this?!?!


Looks more like dude had the best party going on, and right in the middle of his hangover the next day mom texted him and he's like "ah shit".


I purposely did the exact opposite of what the point of the game is supposed to be Played and instead i Made the character look like a gamer that's Lazy and is so addicted to Gaming that their house is completely dirty, The pizza is on the sides of the seats, i putted The half-cooked chicken on the fridge, I threw the unpaid bill on the trash, I Putted a bit of the trash in places like The closet or the bed, the clean sock in the trash can, and etc. Lol, Best game ever, I love how disappointed the mom got when seeing that her son is a full gamer who throws unpaid bills in the trash and eats half-cooked chicken 9/10 Could have a Videogame machine so it makes the protagonist like a REAL Gamer.

I absolutely LOVE this game! I was looking for it for a while from when I remember always playing it on a different game site a few years ago. It's so nostalgic to me!

Ah, it should be on Armor Games as well, is that what you were thinking about? :)

(Otherwise... it was probably stolen because this is the only place I can think about lol)

Shoot, I didn't mean to play a stolen game but I actually first played in on . I actually just searched your game now and a bunch of sites are using it. :(

Ahah I don't take you for responsible, that's fine; I'm not surprised either it happened
It sucks, but it's flattering I guess...  

At least people like your game so much that they wanna copy it lol-

I return to this game every few months, trying to beat it. I have spent hours on this game, yet I always seem to run out of time. Either the floor stains or dishes are always left over.
I also wonder why theres empty space in things like the bed and the closet?

It's definitely doable, I've seen people go as high as clearing it with 30 seconds to spare :D You can do it! 

As far as I remember (it's been years, sorry, ahah), there's one item that can go under the bed, but the nightstand also work for that one;
I think the closet was meant to be a "catch all" - you can put anything in there and it won't result in a penalty, but you also won't be able to get max score if you use it... Not all places are meant to be used to their fullest, anyway. Gotta have some misleading things to mess with y'all. ;)

This game is fun but hard nice!!

Nice  you should make it so  there could be levels .

Nice game. Is there any way to run it fullscreen?

It's been a while, but I'd say if Alt+Enter doesn't do the trick, probably not? I'm sorry if it doesn't work!

Darn. I guess I will continue to squint :)

Another thing: how all the clean things stay clean after I removed 5 giant dirt spots with them? Bug? I expected them to become dirty.

Hah, I actually wanted to fix that in an update... never got around to it. It's hard to go back to a Jam game that you've considered finished ahah
But I still occasionally think about going back and just... updating/adding stuff. One day, maybe...!

This jam could be expanded into a regular-size game. You could be a person working as a professional cleaner, so in each level you clean some new settings with progressive difficulty. And it's not your mom, but your nasty boss that checks how you did at the end :)

Novel idea + nice pixel art, it could be really popular!

I know! I keep thinking about it ahah; I've got a bunch of ideas for twists and surprises when it comes to the setting, even. 

It's more of a question of having the time to develop a full game, when I already have other personal projects I want to work on, eheh. But thanks for the encouragements! 


What a picky mom, here's an idea, let's put everything by the door so she doesn't even come in or trip down while trying to.

Well, the apartment is clean, mom. what are you talking about.

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you can throw it out the apartment on the floor in the hall I did once when I wanted to see if it could work and she still said everything is where it should be hidden, although I did lose points for it not being in the trash so I had to stop doing that.  It was also kinda rude of me to do that since it would then be in everyone's way. But hey at least my place was clean


Dev, i can see there's a trash can outside of the apartment, i assume that's probably the "hidden" trashcan.

But how the hell do i access it


Just... walk through the door? :D


Oh wow i see, it's because the actual place to walk off is a bit below than what i was expecting.

Finally got an A+, thank you


No thank you for making your mom proud! :D
Glad you enjoyed it :)

I didn't just enjoyed it, i loved everything in this game, art style included, which is usually something i don't care at al

there's no rag

You can use a tissue or any clothes (doesn't matter if it's clean or dirty) to clean up spills


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this game is awesome! can't stop playing it! but i've never been able to get past the C ending. i'm wondering, where do the pizza slices and pop cans go? there's only three spaces in the fridge and other places don't seem to work, even the trash. great game! i'll keep trying for the A+ ending.

update: got the B ending but i didn't hide any of the pop cans, lol.


It's been a while, but have you found the 2nd hidden trash can? Pretty sure it accepts anything; cans should go to the trash, pizza in the fridge (I mean, come on, no wasting of good pizza leftovers!)

i loved the music and pixel art. controls were a little dodgy at points. was able to eventually get the A+ ending. it had just the right amount of challenge. an excellent game i'm glad to have come across and played.


Damn, it always feels great to see videos of people playing it. Especially since it's been so long!

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)

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my life in a nutshell

i got a gigantic F

love the game but where does the half empty pizza go?


As far as I remember, in the fridge! After all, there's still good pizza in there, can't let it go to waste.

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but i did that and it didnt work? neither did the oven. also where do the left over chinese food goes too, and the pizza slices. plus isnt there not enough room for the tissues to go in the trash when all the other stuff is there?


It's been years, but if the pizza box is half empty (and not fully empty) it should go in the fridge... so do pizza slices and leftover chinese.
That being said, if you finished the game once, maybe you noticed there's a secret trash can hidden somewhere! As far as I remember, the trash is always considered as the right place, it's a wild card spot

Dev, not to offend but when we put the half-empty pizza box in the fridge, the mom call us out. She doesn't when we put it in the trash.
Plus the fridge has exactly 3 spaces which are for the loose 3 slices

theres a hidden trash can?!

I loved the concept and the aesthetics. The way the UI works is pretty clever.

Gosh, I played so much til I got an A! So much for Mom's approval :D 

I spent so long with the stain problems... then realized that I could use the same sock to clean all the stains.

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