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Best game ever!!!

Thank you! :D

Where do the tissues go?

In the garbage bin!
I forgot to let you hide them under the bed, which would have felt fair. Sorry!

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This game is so much fun! I finally got 100% for it. Just wanted say how I appreciate how the music intensifies and then stops at the last five seconds, it really got me.

I'm really, really happy to hear people keep going until they 100% it :D
Thanks a lot. <3

As for the music... it's actually a bug in the HTML5 version, because the engine caps at 59fps ahah
The .exe version caps at 60, and should have the music line up perfectly with the end.

Got a D on second try! :D Genuinely great game! Love everything about it. The idea, the pixel art, the design. It's very challenging but fair. Got almost nothing to critique except the controls feel a bit slippery – but that could also be argued to be on purpose to add to the feeling of panic/pressure!

One of the best LD games I've played!

Let's be fair, the controls being slippery isn't really on purpose ahah. Game jam games aren't great for gettng things like this right. And I can't fix it because the whole game balance is working with these controls :/

Haha, I totally know that feel! "fixed" my controls once at rather late in a jam, and it became instantly too easy to be fun. Few precious hours that I'll try not waste in future jams. :D

A cute lil game. Love the music and the way it looks. Covered it on my channel if you want to check it out!

Thanks for the review! :D

Great game. I just can't figure out where to put the pizza slices. :(

In the fridge! They're still good to eat, are you trying to waste perfectly fine edible pizza?!

I really enjoyed the game, and I definitely felt the anxiety that Mom was drawing near haha. I got 98% even though I got everything right, what gives? :v

P.S - If I interact with the floor while running up to it, the game can soft-lock if I too far over the stain. :c

I've had anothet person get 98% despite getting everything right, but I have no idea why... I'm sorry :(

The stain softlock is a known issue I need to fix asap.

Thank you for your feedbacks! I'm glad you liked it, and I'm sorry you couldn't get the perfect score. I'll try to look into it. :(

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44% - F, I did well ;) Great game by the way! What engine is this?

This was made in Game maker. :)
I'd say grats, but... a F?! Mom must not be happy :(


I managed to impress my mom a bit more this time, but at what price? My poor, ketchup-covered socks may never be white again... (PS- I liked the game!)

Ahah, thanks! Glad you liked it. :)
Sorry for your socks. Just throw them in the washing machine and hope for the best (no it doesn't actually do anything ahah)

Not quite sure why Q is left, S is down and D is right, with seemingly no Up, kinda weird, guess I'll just use the arrows.

Hm, weird, WASD should work for moving... but QSD is because I'm french, and we have AZERTY keyboards, not QWERTY. :)
ZQSD is our WASD.

It doesn't conflict with WASD controls so I just left the option by default... but yeah, not sure why up doesn't work. I might have fucked up the WASD controls since I was focusing on arrows. Sorry!

Yeah, I assumed it was due to alternate keyboard layouts.

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