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Vinny and Dan are trying to meet with the rest of the Giant Bomb crew in San Francisco! 

They'll have to fight their way through to get there!

This is a 2 player action game. It's not recommended to play solo, but you can try! 

Move with the joystick or dpad
Shoot with [X] or [B]
Jump with [A]
Slide with [A] and [Down]
Hold your ground by holding [TRIGGER]

Return to the main menu with [BACK]
Pause with [START]

Restart level with [R] on the keyboard

You can switch to fullscreen by pressing [ALT + ENTER] on your keyboard!

Made for Giant Rom 5


- Added 1 Player mode: Both are harder, because enemy's HP is not adjusted. Dan's is the hardest, on account of his terrible autofire. That's what you get for having a SOCOM!
- Fixed a collision bug on the last boss. 
- Fixed the resolution of the hit effect for large enemies.
- Keyboard inputs are as follow:
WASD, Space (jump), Shift (shoot) and Ctrl (hold) for P1
Arrow keys, Numpad 0 (jump), Numpad 1 (hold), and Numpad 2 (shoot) for P2
Only P1 (space) can go through dialogs!
I'm open to feedback to improve those inputs!


Feel free to drop a comment with any found issue! 
Keyboard mapping is terrible at the moment, and will be addressed in a future update,  after the jam is over.
If you get stuck, or are curious, you can use Numpad 1 through 4 to load specific levels. 

Thank you for not spoiling/tagging members of Giant Bomb! I'd love to see their genuine reaction if they do a stream, and would rather not have them know what they get into. Thank you!


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The Run 20XX v1.1 10 MB
Original release (outdated) 10 MB


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Amazing and beautiful game, as expected from you Ellian :D

Bug report time! Since it's kind of a spoiler, it's in strikethrough text I guess: I got locked down as the falling monitor landed on me! Couldn't move or jump, and it happened in a place where I couldn't die so I had to restart that level with R.

Ah, yes, that is the one bug I was fully aware of when I coded that part in a rush at the last minute ahahah...

I'll put a warning in the game's description, I've been racking my brain at how to deal with this particular issue for the past two days. I'm sure I'll find a way to fix it when I drop a patch!
Thank you for your feedback <3

A common way is to just say "while the player is stuck in a solid object, move the player up (or some other direction) until they're not". Bit of a lazy band-aid fix, but it'll do the trick :P


Ahaha that's exactly what I ended up thinking about after a walk with my dog; considering the layout of the only room it can happen in, that's a pretty solid solution :)

You were right, that solution is really working well ahah